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If pricing a flight feels like rocket science, it practically is. While you are sitting at your computer crunching numbers, airlines are monitoring flights, booking patterns and seat availability all in real time. "They comes up with algebraic formula, a big algorithm that helps them determine that and then they try to get as much money as possible for each seat," said Billy Sanez, Vice President of Communications for the website The idea is to pit availability against demand --and the travelers who need to fly no matter the price versus those of us who will buy only if the price is right. Fares are then adjusted accordingly. "On one flight you could see sometimes up to 30 different fares and they're called fare buckets," said of the reason why different passengers may have paid vastly different prices for a ticket on the same flight. When ABC13 tracked down fellow passengers on a last minute, round-trip flight to Dallas, our $362 ticket ended up in the middle of the pack, with some flyers paying less, while others paid more, even if they booked early. Sanez says to get the cheapest ticket there are a few rules to follow: -Purchase a ticket about 21 days before your trip, no earlier and no later in order to get the best price -Shop all airlines, not just the so-called "cheap" carriers; sometimes a discount carrier will cheap hotels in los angeles charge extra fees for expected conveniences, making some fares more expensive than those of traditional carriers -Not all days are created equal; fly when business travelers aren't flying, on days like Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday -and at times when most people don't want to fly like early in the morning, late in the afternoon or at lunch time -Fly on the morning of a holiday -Book two, one-way flights instead of a round-trip ticket -Set up a fare alert using a website like to keep track of changes in price -Flying internationally? Try using the website built for the airline's home country to get what they call "regional pricing" which can be cheaper, avoiding some taxes If you are looking for a last-minute getaway this holiday season, Sanez says it will likely be cheaper to fly internationally than domestically the last few weeks of the year. "So, if you have family in Europe or want to spend Christmas or New Years away from the family, Europe is a great destination and you can probably get down there for less than $600 round-trip if you plan it out right," said Sanez.

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Rouhani accused the United States in a letter published by state news agency IRNA of not fully meeting its commitments under the nuclear deal. "With regard to recent (U.S. congressional) legislation to extend the Iran Sanctions Act ... I order the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran to ... plan the design and construction of a nuclear propeller to be used in marine transportation." Members of the U.S. Congress have said the extension of the bill does not violate the nuclear deal that was struck last year to assuage Western fears that Iran was working to develop a nuclear bomb. The act, Congress added, only gave Washington the power to reimpose sanctions on Iran if it violated the pact. Washington says it flights to miami from ft lauderdale has lifted all the sanctions it needs to under the July 2015 deal between major powers and Iran. Rouhani's move followed recent remarks by Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his hardline allies harshly criticizing the deal's failure to yield any swift economic improvements in Iran. Khamenei said last month the U.S. Congress's prolongation of some sanctions was a clear breach and the Islamic Republic would "definitely react to it." There was no immediate comment from the Vienna-based U.N.

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