Some Basic Guidelines On Recognising Root Factors In Local News

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OReillys show aired Monday night for the first time since the story broke, but he did not address the allegations. In a statement posted on his website April 1, OReilly wrote that his fame has made him susceptible to lawsuits, but that no complaints have ever been filed against him internally to the companys human resources department, even anonymously. The worst part of my job is being a target for those who would harm me and my employer, the Fox News Channel, OReilly said. Noting that he is a father who would never purposely harm his children, he continued : Those of us in the arena are constantly at risk, as are our families and children. My primary efforts will continue to be to put forth an honest TV program and to protect those close to me. 21st Century Fox referred PEOPLE to Fox News, which did respond to a request for comment. In a statement to The Times on Saturday, 21st Century Fox said : Notwithstanding the fact that no current or former Fox News employee ever took advantage of the 21st Century Fox hotline to raise a concern about Bill OReilly, even anonymously, we have looked into these matters over the last few months and discussed them with Mr. OReilly. While he denies the merits of these claims, Mr. OReilly has resolved those he regarded as his personal responsibility. Mr.

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