Some Emerging Options For Essential Details In Bedding Sets

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He was taken to an apartment unit rented by friends at D’Centrum. The cause of the assault was over allegations of laptop theft. Zulfarhan was held in a dormitory at the Jebat building of the university’s campus. The horrific incident took place on May 20, from 3am until 11am the next day. More sadistic action was meted on Zulfarhan by the group of cadet officers which included the use of a steam iron to inflict grievous bodily harm on the victim in their attempt to force a confession of the theft. In the course of police investigations at the dormitory, police seized a steam iron and a cloth belt which was used to torture Zulfarhan. At the apartment, police seized a duvet, bed sheet, pillow case, plastic bags as well as a batik shirt believed to be Zulfarhan’s. Police were also led to the Lanai Budget Hotel in Bangi, where crime scene investigators retrieved body hair, parts of a mattress with suspected blood stains and a hotel receipt. Soon after Zulfarhan’s death was confirmed by a doctor, a Criminal Investigation Department team from the Sepang police headquarters detained the two men, who took Zulfarhan to the hospital, within hospital grounds. Four others were summoned to the police station and detained for investigations. Simultaneously, a team led by Deputy Superintendent Mohd Fairus detained 30 cadet officers at the university near Perdana Camp in Sungai Besi.

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