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Since 2009, Kering, the retail company that owns luxury fashion brands including Gucci, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney has been combating violence against women through its Kering Foundation. The foundation focuses on funding global projects, partnering with NGOs เสื้อคู่แนวๆ and charities and educating the public and its own employees on problems of sexual and domestic violence and harmful practices such as Female Genital Mutilation. Violence against women is a silent phenomenon, says Celine Bonnaire, the executive director of the foundation. Our mission is to stop this violence and improve womens lives. This year the motto for International Womens Day is be bold for change and the foundation was founded really by a bold commitment from our Chairman and CEO Francios-Henri Pinault when he realised that one woman in three is a victim of violence in her lifetime. It was such a great taboo. Now its something thats much more addressed but in 2008 there was still a very strong code of silence on this subject. Solidarity Leave More Taboos havent been entirely broken though and, as Bonnaire points out, these issues affect women of all social classes, age and religion. Moreover, sixty per cent of our employees are women, 80 per cent of our customers are women, she says, so it really behoves us to empower women. With an annual budget of 1 million, the foundation focuses on western Europe, China and America. Kering provides awareness education about these issues for employees and also encourages them to take up skills-based work directly out on the field - for example, a Kering marketing strategist may go out to China and help a social enterprise with its branding. It also partners with NGOs such as the Rosa Fund in the UK - the country with the highest prevalence of FGM in Europe - and Gynecologie Sans Frontier in France, which provides healthcare to women in the five refugee camps in northern France. The foundation also supports social enterprises, such as the Star Fish Project in China, a jewellery business that provides employment and a range of holistic care services for victims of violence. Celine Bonnaire, who is leading the Kering Foundation - Credit: Jean-Etienne Portail More Read More Many women have felt in the last twelve months that womens causes have stepped back a decade or more.

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