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Game 4 is Saturday, with first pitch scheduled for 8:08 p.m. ET. Corey Kluber, who shut down the Cubs in Game 1, will start for the Indians, while John Lackey will go for Chicago. Crisp comes up big again This isn't the first time that Crisp, who was acquired from the Oakland A's in late August, has come up big for Cleveland this postseason. The switch-hitting outfielder, who started his career with the Indians, has hit two home runs, both coming in series-clinching scenarios. The first was in Game 3 of the American League Division Series, when Cleveland swept the Boston Red Sox. The other came against the Toronto Blue Jays in Game 5 of the American League Championship Series that helped send the Indians to the World Series. On Friday night, Roberto Perez singled to start the seventh and was replaced with pinch runner Michael Martinez. Tyler Naquin moved Martinez to second with a sacrifice bunt.

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As New York magazine reported a few weeks ago, Trumps brand-new, high-end Washington hotel, situated in the old post office near the White House, is already in trouble. It was the only luxury hotel in town that was discounting rooms before the recent IMF meetings, presumably because nobody with that kind of cash or worldliness wanted to give him any business. Theres a connection here to the new nightly talk show, whether or not it presages a full-blown Trump TV network built to rival Fox News. Surely Trump understands at this point that hes been rebranded. After a lifetime of trying to associate his name with ostentatious luxury, excess and aristocracy, in a never-ending quest to rise above his outer-borough roots , hell emerge from the campaign having mostly down-market appeal. His main consumer base from here on out isnt going to be the status-conscious millionaire who gets a kick out of tasteless gold trimming on everything. Its going to be the working-class consumer who watched his show and came to his rallies, who aspires to wealth but can never afford a room at the Trump International. View photos And so Trump Tower TV isnt only about reaching Trumps voter; its about consolidating his new consumer base, too. More to the point, though, Trumps newscast is telling us something about where the rest of us are headed, too. Because if you watch it for a while, you come away understanding that he isnt attacking the ข่าวสด มติชน logo integrity of the process just so he can lose without having to admit defeat.

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